I have been using the Virtual Archive program for several months. It is by far the best program I've ever seen for organizing, storing, and reproducing any collection of information you'd want. I am a retired elementary teacher with a strong interest in history and family genealogy.

I had never found a program that did everything until I saw and worked with this program. The Sidney Historical Society is using it for a record of all our collections. Individuals are using it for their own family history. I have already researched, entered photos and historical vital records, and have printed a book using just this program. Just last month, my husband and I did a program for the SHS using the program.

Jon has come up with a simple, easy-to-use, affordable means of keeping family, historical society, and any group's records at our finger tips. I can't sing his praises and that of Virtual Archives high enough!

Janet M. Weymouth, Secretary

Sidney Historical Society
2896 Middle Road
Sidney, Maine 04330


We are very pleased to be using Virtual Archive at the Belfast Historical Society and Museum and are really pleased that it has proven to be so easy to use and, especially easy to teach to our interns and volunteers. In fact, I find it so much fun to use that I often like to end my work day at the museum entering items into the system. We are also very appreciative of the technical assistance provided by Jon Gammans.

Megan Pinette, President

Belfast Historical Society & Museum
10 Market Street
Belfast, ME 04915

Stan - Testimonial

This program is so powerful and versatile that it has practically no limits in its application when it comes to organizing any sort of collection or physical inventory. It isn't complicated - the simplicity makes it so much easier to use as compared to other more expensive programs that contain options you'll never use. You can add notes, stories, or whatever is necessary without any limits to the length or word count, so if takes a book to tell the story - you can do just that. This means you can be very detailed and accurate - I have never seen a better program more suited for the purpose of organizing my photos, stories, documents, genealogy, books, and family heirlooms. I have an entire room of material - my own personal family historical society if you will - and this program insures its preservation in the event it gets destroyed by any disaster - and it doesn't take up any physical shelf space.